May Swimmers of the Month

Our Swimmers of the Month for May 2017 were Jemma (Rising Stars) & James (Jnr Boys Club Captain, Gold). Jemma has being proving herself ever since she started with the club last year. Her attitude is inspiring. She comes to training focussed on why she is there and always works to the best of her ability. Sometimes during a drill set she will be a long way back because she…


March Swimmers of the Month

Our Swimmers of the Month for March 2017 were Josh (Silver) & Marko (Bronze). Both boys have shown constant focus during training sessions. Marko has been working hard, taking on coaching points, corrections and applying them to better his technique. He has followed suggestions of at home exercise he could do to help increase foot flexibility and strength, pushes himself and during his worst kick sets won’t take short cuts,…


February Swimmers of the Month

Our Swimmers of the Month for February 2017 were Szymon (Stars) & Abbie (Silver). Szymon was asked to join the club only a few months ago at the LTS level of widths by the boom late last year. Since he joined, only positive reports have come back about his swimming ability & attitude. Besides his ability in the water, his skills in listening & executing, or at least trying his…


Swimmer of the Month – January 2017

Swimmers of the month are Ryan (gold) & Max (silver). They have both been very busy training through the weeks and then swimming so brilliantly at the Hertfordshire County Championships over the last 3 weekends. Their continuing positive attitudes in training and on receiving coaching points shows in their results. Ryan has hit some great PB’s at an age where it becomes increasingly challenging, but he continues to work hard…


Swimmer of the Month – December 2016


Swimmers of the month December ’16 are Courtney (Gold) and Alex (Bronze). Courtney has been showing a good attitude in her training and during swim meets. Courtney has had some excellent swims at open meets and as part of the “A team”, swimming for the club, has achieved some great results. Well done Courtney, keep it up and good luck at the Herts County Championships over the next few weekends!…


Swimmers of the Month November 2016


Swimmers of the month Jadon (Rising Stars) and Daisy (Gold). Jadon has always worked hard and loves his sports, but has been a lot more focussed during training, pushing himself and working very hard. He has been listening to coaching & slowed down during drill sets; improving his technique and efficiency in the water because of it. Daisy has raised her game in training, more focussed, taking advantage of all…


Swimmer of the Month (October 2016)

Swimmers of the Month are Madeleine (stars) & Eldrick (silver). Madeleine has shown continued improvement in her attitude to training, her technique in her strokes and shown her commitment to working hard to become a better athlete. She has been pushing her own boundaries, entering open meets and has grown, not only in swimming ability, but in confidence and independence too. Eldrick has been completely focussed during training, constantly working…


Swimmer of the Month (September 2016)

Swimmers of the month are Lucy from Silver and Harry from Stars. Harry has been trying very hard over the past few months; improving his listening skills, his execution of drills and stroke work; slowing down, moving faster! Well done Harry! Keep up the good work. Lucy, sadly for us, is leaving SSC due to her family moving away. She constantly works hard, trying her best, and a joy to…


Swimmer of the Month (August 2016)


August swimmers of the month are Heather Mann (Bronze) & Frances Mann (Silver). Heather has been constant in her hard work, unrelenting in her quest to get stronger, more efficient and faster in all her strokes. Her response to coaching has been evident, listening, working & pushing herself; proving to be so self motivated. Frankly, it’s been an exciting month from the coaching point of view; when you know a…


Swimmers of the Month (July 2016)

Our swimmers of the month Janine Bandola (Silver Squad) & Kayley Luhman (Rising Stars squad). Both of these swimmers continually try their hardest in every session, pushing their limits. They listen to coaching points and make the small “tweaks” asked of them to improve their stroke technique help development & efficiency. The gain in their fitness is apparent and each has significantly bettered a particular stroke. Still work to do,…