February Swimmers of the Month

Our Swimmers of the Month for February 2017 were Szymon (Stars) & Abbie (Silver).
Szymon was asked to join the club only a few months ago at the LTS level of widths by the boom late last year. Since he joined, only positive reports have come back about his swimming ability & attitude. Besides his ability in the water, his skills in listening & executing, or at least trying his very best to execute, coaching points, his obvious love of learning & to be his best, has enabled him to improve, refine his technique and strengthen greatly; moving into Stars this month. He was asked to slow his strokes down, he did. Now he’s flying!
All coaches agreed, Abbie continually works hard. Every session we see her putting in her best effort. Even when her rhythm isn’t at it’s best, due to growth spurts, up and downs, the effort & work she puts in never lessens. Besides all this, Abbie has been a key member of our team in all our swim meets; team galas, opens & county champs, performing brilliantly herself, but also helping coaching staff hugely by bringing a positive attitude, being a great roll model and helping all the younger swimmers on the team.


Well done & thank you!

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