May Swimmers of the Month

Our Swimmers of the Month for May 2017 were Jemma (Rising Stars) & James (Jnr Boys Club Captain, Gold).


Jemma has being proving herself ever since she started with the club last year. Her attitude is inspiring. She comes to training focussed on why she is there and always works to the best of her ability. Sometimes during a drill set she will be a long way back because she is concentrating so hard on what coaching direction she has been given & her swimming is improving so much! Jemma’s work ethic is fantastic, especially in someone so young!


James has also been proving himself in sessions, not worrying what else is going on, just focussed on the session and working his hardest. James has also been a great role model for our younger swimmers; volunteering on poolside during training, and at galas that he is no longer eligible to compete in.

Well done and keep it up!

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