Club Fees – new

Club Membership/Fees

Fees are paid monthly in advance by standing order.

Fees are calculated annually and are averaged into 12 monthly payments. They include the required ASA fee (which the club pay in advance annually) and our Club Membership fee and take into account a two-week break at Christmas, a three-week break in the Summer, the four-day break for the Easter weekend and pool closures for Bank Holidays and days when training is not available due to galas and other events taking place. No refunds where family holidays are taken are possible.

The current fees are:

LTS (Sundays) – £28

LTS (Fridays) – £30

Pre-Development – £34.50

Development 1 – £40 (£45.50 with optional Land Training if aged 9+)

Development 2 – £53

Junior Performance – £61.50

Performance – £68.50

Masters – £43.50

Club – £38.50

Joining and Leaving Fees

Swimmers joining part-way through a year must pay a Joining Fee to fund their annual ASA Membership; which is levied annually irrespective of when in the year they join. The fee, charged pro-rata from the beginning of that year, is £4 per month for Squads (£2 per month for LTS) from January, to the month that they join.

Swimmers leaving the club must give one monthís notice by email and must pay a Leaving Fee to fund any outstanding ASA Membership. The fee, charged pro-rata from the month they leave to December of that year, is £4 per month for Squads (£2 per month for LTS).